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  2. Me every chance I get checking the OCRP Forums to see if anything has happened yet👀

    Checking Phone GIFs | Tenor

    *This is a joke, I know this is gonna be along process, no worries and no rush, just can't help my self but look*

  3. Yesterday
  4. Hey John, Can you please message me on Discord if you get a chance? I have a very quick question. Sorry to take your time up. TNSmoove#0007 is my discord.

  5. You know I love seeing people viewing the forums and application pending list and I'm just sitting here like....

    Viewing Online User List

    😅   also forgot to mention it's like 2:24 a.m.



  6. Good luck to you all who submitted an application.

  7. Last week
  8. Hey @CivRyan I have an idea to help out with the recruitment process…👀⚔️🤺📦

  9. I think Velocity Underground (rip) was the closest ive gotten to rp in FiveM, miss that community so much!
  10. Siz Fulker, Jerry Curl, Chuck Livingston 

    Absolute Inspirations 🙏

  11. My gosh I’m kinda nervous. I have been trying to apply since the first release of applications but unfortunately it went by so quickly I got home from work and well registration and applications were closed as just as fast as they opened. I’m excited I was able to apply this time around! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to apply!

  12. Me: Yeah, I'm pretty confident about getting into OCRP!

    Also Me: Watching the pending applications go from 500 to almost 3,500 in a couple of days👀💦 


    1. BATeller
    2. Devon Blankenship

      Devon Blankenship

      I know, I can’t believe 4,348 is the final number 👀

  13. Best of luck to all applicants.

  14. Hello, John, can you please send me the discord server link please?


  15. Hello everybody. Happy first day of spring.

  16. Looking forward to meeting everyone on the flip side. 🤞🏼😉

  17. Thank you OCRP for the chance to apply to become a member of this community! 💜

  18. Thanks for allowing me to join the forum!! 


  19. yo


    1. thurber72


      hopefully we get accepted  I think it will be fun.

  20. This is my 2017 Ford Utility!


  21. This is my 2016 Subaru WRX!



  22. What is everyone most excited about once accepted? 





  23. I know absolutely no one can see these... yet... but hello there!


  24. When you think you are getting a lot of profile views but it's just yourself returning to the profile page 🙃


  25. Hello all Fellow Hopeful OCRPers!!!

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    2. Devon Blankenship

      Devon Blankenship

      That's really awesome that you've had those experiences in those larger servers, do you do anything Law enforcement related in real life if you don't mind me asking?

    3. Justin J.

      Justin J.

      i don't have any IRL Law Enforcement experience 

    4. Devon Blankenship

      Devon Blankenship

      Yeah, neither do I, I just study that stuff. 

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