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  4. My first post...what should I say? How about, I REALLY want to be accepted into OCRP? Too beggish? Ok. How about, I would love to be part the community and help/watch it grow!

  5. On the hunt for them Strawberry Rails.

  6. I look forward to a possibility of joining your community!! My rp name is Jeffery john! I play on wisconsin state rp. For now. Hopefully I will be coming to OCRP. I stream in YouTube as well! My name on there is BigBlu_896. Tell Wilmer I'm coming for his pallets! JK


  7. Hope everybody enjoys the weekend!

    1. DylanGman


      not sure how to add this to my info so i just put it here

  8. Can someone please delete my account with Ocrp I am done with all of the BS with you guys denied my app without any way of finding out why the message left by the Admin was just pure bull shit. I get that you guys can do whatever you want it's your choice but I am going to make it my mission in life the cause ocrp nothing but f****** hell just for the simple fact that there's no way to find out why I was denied and two there's no way to communicate with anybody at ocrp to find out what's going on so at this point y'all can go f*** off delete my goddamn account and I will make sure that ocrp is known for their b******* admins who give b******* reasons for denying people to enter there community. And I canceled all my memberships to all members of ocrp on YouTube and I have blocked all of you I'm done go have a happy f****** whatever f*** off

  9. Since I was denied to join with no way of finding out why. This is why I am not going to make anymore 5M content and I am done with everything this was a great big waste of my time so I am permanently signing off this is retired lieutenant colonel Kodiak Harrison permanently signing off from the gaming world and a lot of other stuff goodbye cruel world I'm done

  10. Since I was denied to join with no way of finding out why that's fine. Enjoy your gaming community I have my own. I will still support some of the YouTubers that are in your organization but I am done with Ocrp. At least in my community we care enough to let people ask why they were denied and even give them a chance to get in through an interview on discord for TeamSpeak but what do I know I've been running a Gaming community for 15 years and have over 2 million members.

  11. Even if y'all don't want me to play maybe I could help out some other way.  Just lemme know 

  12. i haven't gotten a single response since i applied do they email you or reply to your app and let you know if you've been accepted or denied?

  13. Hey John, it's swaps. Listening to the scanner hearing the rescue efforts for the firefighters involved in a ship fire in Newark. Hoping everyone comes out of this ok.  I remember listening to the radio when I worked for my county some tense moments. Even magnified when you're working in dispatch. Hope you and yours and any coworkers you might know that are involved in this are ok. 

  14. Happy 4th! ❤️

  15. You are worth so much more than you may lead yourself to believe ❤️ Smile today!

  16. What would you do if your dreams came true? What would you do with me?


  17. I'm so ronery....

  18. Killing Time... on the Sonora Freeway, just south of Sandy Shores. 



    Screenshot (1156).png

  19. Cruising along Boulevard Del Paro, at the base of Rockford Hill, in Vinewood... 

    Screenshot (1148).png

    1. huskeymilitarygaming


      U got accept congratulations 🎉

    2. KCJones


      Thanks ✌️

  20. Enjoying a dip in the Infinity Pool, atop the Diamond Casino, in East Vinewood, Los Santos. 

    Screenshot (1113).png

  21. Cruisin' in the rain at night while  passing the funky Toe Shoe billboard behind Horny's Burgers,  on East Mirror Drive, Los Santos.

    Screenshot (1103).png

  22. Chilling @ Hornbills

    2497 Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood, Los Santos

    Screenshot (677).png

  23. App denied with no explanation after 3 months of patiently waiting. Bummer.  See ya later ocrp

  24. Hi  125-John D,

    Wanted to make sure I was not over looked as a applicant For OCRP,  My age is 63, Thanks  Jim

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