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  4. so did my application get skimmed over and skipped.

  5. Lovely day for it, folks!

    'Names Makeineer, and I'm the sort of gentleman to be found 'round town as a retail, utilities, or operations civ- 'The local taximan, PostOp driver, 24/7 cashier, and the likes. I may be no-good at vocal inflections or generally representing tasteful characters, but I'm sure to give you a place to start a memorable night on OCRP...
    ...that is, if I'm put past the applicant phase, which appears to be floaty as-of January 2024.


  6. Anyone play Forza Horizon 5?  Devs for that game really dropped the ball with the latest Aston they added.  the 2008 DBS.  One of my favorite Astons, but instead of at least giving it the sound of any other aston in the game, they made it sound like a mustang XD

  7. Update: Almost finished with my instrument rating. Checkride in February! Wish me luck!

    -Alex (aka Boochacha)

  8. 2024 VIBES, Let's make it a great year!

  9. I updated my About Me info! Anyone interested should check out the last lines!!😁

  10. Can BivRyan see this?

  11. Howdy guys! How is everyone's Thanksgiving???

  12. You think me serving in the US Military will have an impact on my application?

  13. Spoiler

    Snape Kills Dumbledore! ;(


  14. Good morrow, Hope your holidays are Joyous.

  15. I'm so tired, I just want to not be accosted by hackers at the end of my long day, Is that too much to ask for?

  16. I wish I’d get my application reviewed. Anything I can do to help? 

  17. My first post...what should I say? How about, I REALLY want to be accepted into OCRP? Too beggish? Ok. How about, I would love to be part the community and help/watch it grow!

    1. GorgeousGeorge


      Im with you friend! 🙂


  18. On the hunt for them Strawberry Rails.

  19. I look forward to a possibility of joining your community!! My rp name is Jeffery john! I play on wisconsin state rp. For now. Hopefully I will be coming to OCRP. I stream in YouTube as well! My name on there is BigBlu_896. Tell Wilmer I'm coming for his pallets! JK


  20. Hope everybody enjoys the weekend!

    1. DylanGman


      not sure how to add this to my info so i just put it here

  21. Can someone please delete my account with Ocrp I am done with all of the BS with you guys denied my app without any way of finding out why the message left by the Admin was just pure bull shit. I get that you guys can do whatever you want it's your choice but I am going to make it my mission in life the cause ocrp nothing but f****** hell just for the simple fact that there's no way to find out why I was denied and two there's no way to communicate with anybody at ocrp to find out what's going on so at this point y'all can go f*** off delete my goddamn account and I will make sure that ocrp is known for their b******* admins who give b******* reasons for denying people to enter there community. And I canceled all my memberships to all members of ocrp on YouTube and I have blocked all of you I'm done go have a happy f****** whatever f*** off

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