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    We have received an enormous amount of applications. OCRP is a free-to-play server, which means we do not have a paid staff. We have a small team of interviewers and recruiters. This will take a very long time to review every one. Please be patient. 

    You will receive a message of acceptance/denial/age verification on your application once it has been reviewed
    Current Progress: yes we are still reviewing applications. 3/26/2024




    About us:
    OCRP is an 18+ FiveM role-playing community. We provide a realistic, fun, and relaxed RP environment for our members in GTA5 to enjoy free of charge. We pride ourselves on having NO RANKS. Ranked communities are toxic, ripe for power-hungry people, and create a useless "game out of the game" environment. Everyone is under the same permissions, admins included. You are equal the day you get a membership to members who have been in since BETA. If you are looking for rank, status, or power, this is not the place for you. 

    OCRP is an LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive community.

    Be a creator:
    Here at OCRP we do not put any limits on your streaming/recording on our servers. We want you to tell your story, grow your fan base, and grow yourself into the creator you want to be. No one needs to "apply for media tags".

    When you become a member at OCRP you will enter the community as a civilian with the additional ability to help as a dispatcher or RP as Fire/EMS. Police (LEO) ability will be allowed once a member has been active in the community for 60 days and attends a training hosted by admins posted on their availability. 


    1. Be over the age of 18.
    2. Have a working legal copy of GTA5 for PC and FIveM installed. We are a PC-only community.
    3. Have a decent, working microphone
    4. Have a mature, positive, and open attitude. 
    5. Be accepting, open, and respectful of all members with regard to race, religion, sexuality, sexual orientation etc.
    6. PATIENCE, we are a very inefficient community due to having no ranks. Must have patience during the application process and throughout your OCRP membership.
    7. There is no restriction on where you are located, just be advised that our servers are North America based and we do utilize a ping kicker so if your connection is bad it will inhibit your ability to play on our servers. 
    8.  OCRP operates under a 1 strike policy. We have a limited set of rules, so 1 rule break and you are removed, or we may remove you if your RP is not what we are looking for. Members must acknowledge this policy. 
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