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  1. My first year here!  So.  Life update.   With 8 payments left on my truck, my truck decided it had enough, and decided to drop all compression in cylinder's 2 and 3. (Ram 1500 with the 5.7 hemi).  Further inspection revealed metal in the oil filter, valve covers were pulled and the valve train was inspected, nothing there, most likely culprit.... The camshaft.  So was forced to get try to trade it in.  Lucked out and scored a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.  Have to say, out of all the vehicles I've owned over my 20 years of driving, this is one of my favoites!



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      Hoopty Handler

      I hope this one gives you less headache! Live it up! 

  2. Anyone play Forza Horizon 5?  Devs for that game really dropped the ball with the latest Aston they added.  the 2008 DBS.  One of my favorite Astons, but instead of at least giving it the sound of any other aston in the game, they made it sound like a mustang XD