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  1. Can someone please delete my account with Ocrp I am done with all of the BS with you guys denied my app without any way of finding out why the message left by the Admin was just pure bull shit. I get that you guys can do whatever you want it's your choice but I am going to make it my mission in life the cause ocrp nothing but f****** hell just for the simple fact that there's no way to find out why I was denied and two there's no way to communicate with anybody at ocrp to find out what's going on so at this point y'all can go f*** off delete my goddamn account and I will make sure that ocrp is known for their b******* admins who give b******* reasons for denying people to enter there community. And I canceled all my memberships to all members of ocrp on YouTube and I have blocked all of you I'm done go have a happy f****** whatever f*** off

  2. Since I was denied to join with no way of finding out why. This is why I am not going to make anymore 5M content and I am done with everything this was a great big waste of my time so I am permanently signing off this is retired lieutenant colonel Kodiak Harrison permanently signing off from the gaming world and a lot of other stuff goodbye cruel world I'm done

  3. Since I was denied to join with no way of finding out why that's fine. Enjoy your gaming community I have my own. I will still support some of the YouTubers that are in your organization but I am done with Ocrp. At least in my community we care enough to let people ask why they were denied and even give them a chance to get in through an interview on discord for TeamSpeak but what do I know I've been running a Gaming community for 15 years and have over 2 million members.