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  1. Still looking to get into OCRP! Cmon bois! lol

  2. I updated my About Me info! Anyone interested should check out the last lines!!😁

    1. Hoopty Handler

      Hoopty Handler

      Congratulations! Best of luck and life for you and your family! I hope you're excited to have a little one hanging around. 🙂

    2. ColinWeber


      Thanks Hoopty!! She's quite the cute little girl.

  3. Can BivRyan see this?

  4. My first post...what should I say? How about, I REALLY want to be accepted into OCRP? Too beggish? Ok. How about, I would love to be part the community and help/watch it grow!

    1. PinkSomething5


      Im with you friend! 🙂